Cockram - Azure Blue Aged Care

Contractor: Cockram
SubContractor: Aluminium Balustrades (North Coast) & Warana Powdercoaters
Project: Azure Blue in Carina for Blue Care
Value of job: 60 Million
Scope of works: Screens, Fencing and Metalwork Fabrication

The quality of their workmanship is high and the value for money was clearly evident, but having a sub contractor who can honestly convey when they can do the job – was fantastic. The biggest thing is knowing if you are going to meet a deadline on site, we don’t know if you don’t communicate and with ABnc they operate using a honest “cards on the table” approach, which we really appreciate.

The final product is a testament to the craftsman that ABnc have on staff, not only was the work to a very high standard but when we did come across some issues with fitting a pre fabricated screen on site that needed some reshaping work done, they carried out the changes without any fuss so the issue was resolved immediately.

As the job progressed we did ask for some extra prices for some balustrade work, which was promptly supplied, which we hold in high esteem as the client wanted a solution and ABnc were able to quickly provide it to us. Working with suppliers that have the integrity that ABnc have is an absolute pleasure.

We would definitely use ABnc again, as their ability to offer a competitive quote that was stuck to, to work to our deadline and honestly convey and delays and resolve issues on site without hesitation or irritation, allowed us to deliver the Azure Blue project to Blue Care confidently and proudly. Blue care were really happy with the end result, so it’s good for them, good for us and because we will refer ABnc to our network and use them again – its good for them too...

Thanks to Sam Bevis and the team at ABnc




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