New Equipment - CNC Router

AMA are a progressive company and fully understand the need to move with the technological times.  This is particularly prevalent in the metalwork industry as new computerised equipment is continuously introduced to not only make manufacturing a more efficient process, but also to deliver a better quality product to customers.  AMA are fully committed to ensuring their business offers the most up to date technical solutions in every aspect of their work.

You may recall in our last blog, Sam Bevis General Manager of AMA said, “Digital technology is my passion and hobby, and it’s something which has given the business a real competitive edge. It’s about leveraging technology to get the best results”.  It is this forward thinking approach that has led to AMA’s latest investment a 6500x1500 CNC Bed Router.

AMA have partnered with MultiCam to provide them with this equipment.   CNC routing machine manufacturers are a dying breed, but in 2014 Multicam celebrated its 30th anniversary and proudly promotes the Australian Made logo on its products to this day.  “Our point of difference is that we are locally made and locally serviced,” Multicam Founder and Managing Director, Kevin Gordon, said. 

“We manufacture our machines in Newcastle, New South Wales, to strict quality and safety standards. The machines are made in different sizes, with different add-ons, for businesses of all sizes. We offer on-site servicing every 3-6 months, and ongoing training and support. We’re also continuously innovating – all of our machines operate under a wireless control system so the software can be updated remotely, and even old machines can be upgraded to remain competitive.”

It is this level of service and innovation that led AMA to Multicam and gave AMA the confidence to know they were making the best investment for their company.  The new 6500x1500 CNC bed at AMA will be used to process routing, drilling, cutting and milling needs.  By bringing this process in house, this gives AMA lead time advantages, and flexibility on being able to process material.  The CNC Router also gives AMA the ability to start designing and producing perforated image cut sheets which give clear architectural benefits.

Sam and the team at AMA already have projects utilising the new Multicam CNC Router and we look forward to showcasing the results in our case studies over the coming months.

CNC Router