The Power of Screens

Many projects present the problem of accommodating practical necessities into the overall design theme.  With high quality screening, you can transform these challenging areas into stunning custom fabricated project features, instantly improving the external façade of a building for not too much investment. 

AMA launched their brand new range of screens in 2014.  Due to the enhanced capabilities of a new CNC Router AMA are now able to cut out detailed designs from one sheet of metal.  These unique screen designs, manufactured on site at AMA, can be custom made to suit any style and are launching as the AMA Fluid Range.

Sam from AMA explains, “Our new fluid range of screens gives everyone access to architecturally designed screens which enhance the facade of any premises. They can be used in a wide array of instances, such as doors, gates, window screens, divider screens, pergola roofing, gables, sliding/bi-folding screens, and feature artwork pieces. Our designs attempt to break the traditional artwork and push into new trends. The option for custom designed screens is also available, to ensure a truly unique enhancement to your property”.

Introducing the new CNC Router to AMA in 2014 has seen a 50% reduction in time to manufacture standard screens and the ability to control lead times.  Efficient processes and lead times for customers has always been placed as highly important for AMA and a high level of customer service is something they pride themselves on.  The efficiency of the new CNC Router has helped to enhance this philosophy even further.

However, efficiency is not just about great equipment.  Internal processes, procedures and team moral can also be huge factors in efficiency and turnaround times.  AMA acknowledge and focus on reducing the 8 wastes (DOWNTIME), and work to reduce them by having weekly toolbox meetings.

D = Defects
O = Over production
W = Waiting
N = Non effective use of resources
T = Transportation
I = Inventory & Storage
M = Motion
E = Excessive Processing

By working through these points each week it helps both staff and management understand the business and its processes more effectively.  It gives the team ownership of the projects and increases staff motivation and output. 

Consider the power of screens could have on your next building project and when choosing your design and manufacturing partner think efficiency and service - get the screens you want, to spec and on time!