AMA's VISION is to become a leading world class conveyor of manufactured products and associated services, for architectural and specialised metalworks in various industries.

AMA's MISSION is to achieve our vision through innovation, technology, lean manufacturing and continuous improvement; whilst maintaining zero harmintegrity, transparency, family culture, and contributing to our community.


Leading Metalworks Manufacturer

AMA will aim to be the market leader in this specialised engineering sector. 

World Class in Architectural Metalwork

AMA will aim to compete on a global scale.

Specialised Manufactured Metalwork Products

AMA will provide unique and quality manufactured products, to fulfill a required need.

Associated Services in the engineering sector

AMA will provide supporting services to help enable smooth workflow and the required after sales support to ensure the best possible product is being delivered.

Architectural & Specialised Metalworks

AMA will design its products with aesthetically pleasing and functional elements.

Metalwork items for various industries

AMA will consider all markets that require custom low lead time metalwork items.

Innovation in the engineering sector

AMA will conduct an agile product development process for all new innovative ideas and processes.

Advanced Technology in the engineering sector

AMA will leverage best in class technology to gain a competitive advantage.

Lean Manufacturing in the engineering sector

AMA will implement lean manufacturing techniques to compete on a global scale.

Continuous improvement in specialised metalwork

AMA will promote continuous improvement, to continuously embrace change for the better.

Zero Harm in the engineering sector

AMA is committed to Zero Harm in the work place.

Integrity in all that Architectural Metalworks Australia do

AMA will act on its promises in a morally positive approach.

Transparency for all Architectural Metalworks partners

AMA will be open and honest in its dealings with customers, suppliers, and key partners.

Family Culture at Architectural Metalworks Australia

AMA will encourage a positive culture of family commitment to one another.

Community approach at Architectural Metalworks Australia

AMA will be involved in community events to help promote positive social change.